Rental Equipment

Below is a brief review of the rental equipment and instrumentation offered by Aimed Research.

For a full review of your project and the equipment needed, please call 724-877-5472.

Digital High-Speed Video Cameras
Sub-Microsecond Flash Units (Ballistic Photography)
  270 Nanosecond Flash Exposures
  500 Nanosecond Flash Exposures

Master Trigger Controls (Ballistic Photography)
  Trigger Dozens Of DSLR Cameras From One Trigger Input

LabRadar Consumer-Level Ballistic Radar (Velocity Measurements)
  Record Velocities At Predetermined Distances Downrange

Larson Davis LxT Sound Level Meter (Sound Measurements)
  Measure Weighted or Unweighted Sound Levels Including Firearms

PCB Piezotronics Blast Probes (Pressure Measurements)
  Measure The Blast Pressure Of Explosives And Other Pyrotechnics

IOtech USB Personal DAQ 3000 Series Data Acquisition Systems (Data Recording)
  Record Dynamic Measurements Straight To Your PC Via USB.

International Light Technologies ILT1700 Research Radiometer (Light Measurements)
  Measure The Radiometric Output Of Devices Or Events

Universal Laser Systems Versa Laser (Rapid Prototyping, Customization)
  Create Models, Control Panels, ID Tags, Customize Products With Logos And More
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