High-Speed Camera Industry Index

Aimed Research prides itself on staying current on many notable high-speed camera manufacturers' camera models and specifications.  Below you shall find an index of manufacturers and links to a survey of the current technology organized by resolution.

Index of High-Speed Camera Manufacturers 
This list is not exhaustive but certainly covers the grand majority of manufacturers.  Notable brand names or products are listed in parentheses.  Manufacturers that have significant exposure in the industry or products of significant interest in terms of product value are starred*.

AOS Technologies
Digital Image Technology (DITECT)
Emergent Vision Technologies
*Fastec Imaging
*Integrated Design Tools (IDT)
(i-Speed 7)
Kron Technologies
Lambert Instruments
Mega Speed Corp
Monitoring Technology
(20/20 Hindsight)
Sanstreak Corp
*Shimadzu Corp
*Specialised Imaging
Stanford Computer Optics
The Slow Motion Camera Company
*Vision Research
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