Aimed Research is the emerging specialist in ultra high-speed imaging for ballistic applications and beyond. Aimed Research provides the lowest prices in the industry for high-speed camera sales, rentals, and on-site service.
Affordability, Image Quality, or Ultra-Speed.  Whatever your priority, Aimed Research boasts the most diverse array of high-speed cameras from Vision Research, Photron, Fastec Imaging, and more. Aimed Research's high-speed camera rental prices are the most competitive in the industry. We are willing to beat any rental quote for comparable camera performance.

  • $100-$995 For A Day (Most Prices Decrease By The Day)
  • $500-$2,250 For A Week*
  • Affordable Long-Term Lease Options
  • Most Packages Include Camera System, Tripod, Lighting & Quality Lenses
  • Available Tutorial Videos & Phone Support

Our additional capabilities exceed the usual with the ability to provide high-speed schlieren imaging in-house with multiple single-pass setups. These capabilities are similar to spark range shadowgraphy but are enhanced by the power of high-speed cameras for dynamic visualization.


High-Speed Photography, High-Resolution Work Sample

For consumer-level slow-motion camera options, customers are referred to the Sony RX10 III, Casio Exilim EX-F1, or Nikon J1 cameras.  See our Low-Priced Options page for details and the best places to buy.
“Who fails his knowledge to increase is sure to see his knowledge cease.”

This quote by Hillel frames our mission: to advance our customers knowledge, to keep our customers at the peak of their discipline, and to continue to serve our customers with excellence.
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